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Like all wars, the several parties in Syria conflict have taken their stands through the media and public opinion. Information, disinformation, advocacy for intervening in the war or not; for supporting this rebel group or against the government… Opposite to each other, I wrote below the two main lines of argumentation, the one from media sympathetic to the Governments of United States, UK and OASB (Other AngloSaxon Buddies), the ESM (European States that Matters, aka France and Germany), Israel and Turkey and the jolly folks from the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council): Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. Some organizations, like Avaaz or Humans Rights Watch, side with them. I will name them under their relentless, against-wind-and-fire motto: the “Assad must go” party.

On the other side, we have the opposing facts made public from those who support the idea that Syrians have to make their choices without foreign interference. This group includes peace activists, bloggers and a great deal of independent journalists. I am giving to this group the name of “Syrian solution”, which also have Russia and China among its advocates.

My aim is to confront arguments for the two options, arguments that are all documented and sourced, so the reader may choose what option is more convincing.

I will start the chronology from 2006; many things happened before that I cannot include here for reasons of time and space: the conflict between Israel/USA and Arab States, with Syria in a leading role; the assassination of Lebanon PM; the invasions of Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, and of course, the diplomatic war at Iran, with the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) on the front wall.

I would like to thank the work of Moon of Alabama (MoA) for putting together the facts about Syrian conflict for all these years. Many of the sources in this chronology have been taken from MoA.

Preliminaries of the open conflict

· US starts funding Syrian opposition undermining Assad’s regime. CBC US GOV WaPo
· US was aware Al Qaeda was part of the Syrian opposition JW
Public protests (not state-sponsored) in Syria against Prophet Muhammad cartoons in European media. NYT
2007 – 2010
US joins Saudi Arabia and Israel to launch a Sunni – Shia conflict to destabilize Iran, Syria & Hezbollah NYT

  European Union re-launches dialogue with Syria. BBC
  Syria is included with Iran as a threat against Israel. WaPo
  US blames Syria for giving weapons to Hezbollah CNN

Syrian civil war erupts

   UN's Navi Pillay Makes Up Syrian Casualties Numbers MoA
   Muslim Brotherhood armed gangs among opposition protesters AA
   Dichotomy Sunnite vs Alawites debunked AA
   Al-Jazeera Beirut bureau chief resigns for AJ lack of objectivity TT
   Western media misleading about violence perpetrators in Syria JL
   Protests are far smaller than reported NYT
   Saudi Arabia, with USA support, cracks on Arab spring revolutions in Persian Gulf countries MoA
   NATO plans for military intervention in Syria XH
   Rumors of Israel supporting Syrian opposition MER
  Protests in Deraa against Assad’s regime lead to a nationwide uprising. BBC
  Crimes Against Humanity by Syrian Security Forces HRW
  UN Security Council rejects condemning Syrian Government AJ
  Pressure on Assad intensifies as protests persists WaPo
  Obama: “Assad must go” YNET
  GCC countries condemn Assad YAHOO
  Turkey support anti-Assad protesters NYT
  Syrian opposition prepares for civil war BLB

The consolidation of the fronts in the Syria war

  The reliability of the sources of Assad victims is at stake AAB
  Assad regime is likely to resist the civil war MEPC
  Most Syrians support Assad TGN
  Foreign jihadists go to Syria to fight Assad A1 Twit TGN  AAA TGN
  Russia publicly liaise Syria to US stand on Iran ICP
  Former US Defence director wonders about using Islamists to oust Assad SST
  Tremseh massacre”, a masquerade Ntn
  Syrian rebels fake reporting on Assad murdering civilians coincide with UN meetings MoA
  Rebels execute civilians in Aleppo NYT MCC
  China: Obama’s “red line” just an excuse for intervention XH
  Qatar and Saudi Arabia support with weapons and cash only Islamist rebels TGP AAA
  Atrocities of Islamist rebels SAKER
  US preparing to give weapons to the Free Syrian Army. FOX
  Numbers of Assad regime’s victims multiplies Ntn
  Qatar calls for military intervention in Syria UST
  US politicians ask to arm Syrian rebels TH
  Syrian army torturing CNN
  Syrian army “killing babies” CNN
  US administration has plans to attack Syria WaPo
  Attempts from US and UK to use the Tremseh massacre to ask UNSC to use force against Assad CNN
  Clinton  & Erdogan insist on calling Tremseh a civilian massacre
  NATO rejects Turkey plan for No-Fly Zone in Syria HDN
  Assad punishes Aleppo CSM
  Obama sets “red line” for US military intervention: Assad chemical attack MCC
  Britain supports Syrian rebels TGP
  CIA provides weapons to rebels NYT
  Turkey trains Syrian rebels Reu
  Jihadists from 20 countries join fight against Syrian Gov. TDB
  Syrian Gov accuses rebels of using chemical weapons TGP
  70% of Syrians support Assad PEsc
  Syrian opposition leader resigns for foreign involvement FB
  Sarin attack video, likely an scam CBR SAKER
  UN's Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria: rebels use sarin gas BBC
  Turkish police foils Al Nusra chemical attack TZ
  Experts skeptical about US claim on Syrian Gov use of sarin MCC HERSH
  Syrian rebels accused of sectarian murders TGP
  Russia avoids US attack on Syria with a plan to destroy Syrian Army chemical arsenal RT
  Secular rebels meet Gov to negotiate a solution without foreign interference FISK
  Rebel factions are all radical Islamists, imposing sharia MoA
  US provides $60 m to Syrian rebels NYT
  West trains rebels in Jordan TGN
  Assad uses cluster bombs against civilians WaPo
  Turkey and PKK (Kurds) agrees on a ceasefire AJ
  Syrian army attacks civilians with gas sarin TGP
  US Senator McCain support the rebels BBC
  Hezbollah joins Assad against rebels CSM
  Successive offensive of Syrian army against rebels BBC
  US states Syrian Gov use chemical weapons WSJ
  Mainstream media support US attack on the grounds of use of sarin WaPo
  US & Saudi Arabia send more weapons to rebels AAA
  Obama ask Senate for use of force against Assad WaPo
  Differences between rebel factions: Islamic State of Iraq & Syria and Al Nusra NYT

The Islamic State and the extension of the Syrian conflict to Iraq

     Turkey behind sarin attacks HERSH
Turkey no longer considers Al Nusra as terrorists CH
Turkey planned a false flag attack to invade Syria IBT
Jihadists in Syria massively join IS TGN
“Secular” rebels join IS DS NYT
IS uses US weapons supplied to secular/vetted rebels AW WaPo
Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons: all chemicals Syria declared by Syria destroyed
IS earns $$ smuggling Iraqi & Syrian oil into Turkey BB
Israel attacks Syrian army to support Al Qaeda rebels AAB MEE NH AA MoA
US funds radical Islamists rebels to fight Assad MoA EW AP
How US funds and uses propaganda for regime change in Syria blog
  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, turkey support Islamist rebels WSJ YNET HYD
  Obama backs Syria main opposition faction to unite them all YHN
  The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria invades Iraq AHM
  US provides additional $500 m to Syria rebels NYT , train vetted rebels HDN
  ISIS declares a caliphate (IS) and presents its plans of conquer
  US starts airstrikes against IS in Iraq WaPo
  US spread unproved info Syria has not destroyed its chemical arsenal NYT
  US wants a No Fly Zone to protect civilians from Syrian Gov bombing NYT

Russia and China enter into the war in Syria against the IS & Al Qaeda

Turkey attacks Syrian army to support Al Qaeda rebels AM
HRW 3 false claims on civilian destruction by Syrian Army’s barrel bombs MoA Tweet MoA
US has difficulties to find moderate/vetted rebels to train JT , re-brand Al Qaeda affiliates as “moderate” CFR
After strategic defeats Assad requires further Iranian support XH
US airstrikes dully planned, useless MCC, kill civilians YHN DP
Turkey attacks the Kurds in Syria and Iraq, IS worst enemies MoA
US strategy is not to defeat IS but to divide Syria BK TGP LV
Turkey’s blamed for creating refugee issue in Europe AM
Fearing West excuse to attack Syrian Army, Russia deploys strong military force to attack IS and Al Qaeda in Syria DS SAKER
US seems to shift policy towards Assad NYT DB NYT FA
HRW blames 3 times Assad on barrel bombing
Al Nusra is no longer Al Qaeda Reu FA
UN threatens force if chlorine used in Syria attacks AJ
New chlorine attack on civilians attributed to Syrian army YTB
US officially supporting Al Qaeda rebels FP, that are “moderate” AA GDN WSJ
Al Nusra attacks vetted US trained rebels Reu
Migrants and Syrian asylum seekers coming to Europe from Turkey BBC
AVAAZ HRW Save the Children ask for No Fly Zone for Syrian Gov in IS-controlled areas
US & Turkey wants to create a No Fly Zone WaPo
UK, France to attack IS to sort refugees’ issue AA GDN BBC
US Gov is not to blame for the strategic mistakes US has done in Syria NYT
US stops supporting Syrian rebels CBS

Some remarks:

  1. The last thing that it seem to matter to those who want to remove Assad from power is the suffering of the Syrian people
  2. Syria and its 250,000 casualties is yet another example that Droit d’ingerence humanitaire and Responsibility/Right To Protect are just the excuses for geopolitical games
  3. For the “Assad must go” party, lies and contradictions do not matter, but the constant repetition of lies that makes them true
  4. IT is a shame that so many media and NGOs supporters of “Assad must go” have lost their dignity. One can only wonders if what they earn pays off.
  5. And the most important: do not trust mainstream media, they seem all have a reason to support those in power

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  1. Funny thing, Al Assad gives a very similar account to mine on how the war started: "Question 2: Mr. President, some countries, like France, used to have good relations with you, between 2008 and 2010. You enjoyed good relations with President Sarkozy. Why have such people moved to the enemies’ side and started calling for overthrowing the Syrian regime?

    President Assad: Because Sarkozy was charged by George Bush’s administration to build contacts with Syria. Those contacts had a number of objectives which aimed in general at changing the political line of Syria. But there was an essential objective that the Americans wanted Sarkozy to achieve. At that time there was talk about how the 5+1 group should deal with Iran’s nuclear file, specifically how to deal with nuclear materials or the radioactive materials which were enriched in your reactors in Iran. I was required to persuade Iranian officials to send these materials to Western countries to be enriched and returned to Iran, without any guarantees of course. That was impossible. It did not convince us, and the Iranian officials were not convinced.

    When the West was unable to change Syrian policies, they found an opportunity at the beginning of the events of what is called the “Arab Spring”, an opportunity to attack the states whose political line they didn’t like. That is why the period you are talking about was concerned with appearances. In other words, the West opened up to Syria, but in fact that period was replete with pressure and blackmail. "

  2. Thank you.
    I see you have put a lot of effort into this. Good luck.

    1. Thanks to you for reading it. Most of the work was done by Moon of Alabama; I have just skimmed and sumarized his posts